Happy Birthday, Keiko!  August 22, 1986

Keiko Kitagawa and Satoshi Tsumabuki in JUDGE! 
Keiko Kitagawa and Satoshi Tsumabuki behind the scenes 
of their new movie, JUDGE!



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Keiko Kitagawa and Satoshi Tsumabuki in JUDGE! 

"Heaven’s sake! What a bunch of garish overdressed men!"

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My father has killed your father, didn’t he? But…Thank goodness… I protected you… Like I promised.


one of those pics you find at the funny screencaps thread on ahs

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under sakura tree | Alice no Toge eps 1

+ http://hikarutada.tumblr.com/post/86594945359/ayumi-really-knows-what-she-is-doing-with-her-new


Ayumi really knows what she is doing with her new album. She’s releasing actually great EDM songs, something I wasn’t expecting after the good-but-not-GOOD “feel the love / merry-go-round”.

I don’t really mean to compare them and I’m surely not hating on her, but Namie’s EDM album “FEEL” was…

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